Saturday, September 16, 2017

 Mom and Rishi

It is dinner time. Rishi comes into the kitchen . Looking at mama preparing something ,
Rishi: Mama what's for dinner?
Mom: Stuffed capsicum
Rishi: what is the stuffing inside mom?
Mom:Potato and raw banana masala Rishi
Rishi: Mama , I think you are the only one who can stuff one veggie into another . How come you do this mama? At least  one veggie  stuffed into the other is acceptable. How come you have stuffed two veggies into a veggie? In Total it becomes three veggies in a day. Don't you think this is too much of a veggie serving for a fifteen year old?
Mom: Rishi , you taste it and then tell me. when you can eat a seafood fried rice which has all kinds of seafood  mixed in rice why cant you eat two three veggies mixed together? Just eat it ok.
Rishi tastes the capsicum fry and then
Rishi: Ok not bad. I like it.
Mom: See I told you. Half the time you guys don't want to taste the food and just say you don't like it.

Mom had proudly taken a picture of her new tried capsicum fry and sent it to all her friends and family group even before they sat for dinner.. She had gotten so many "wows" and "yummy" and mouth licking emoticons as a token of appreciation though everyone who saw the picture could only virtually taste it. A few of them even asked her for the recipe and to few of them she voluntarily said that they have to try making it and sent them the recipe. With all those easy earned pats on her back she expected the same from Rishi . Rishi proved to be the son of the dad who is in testing . Mom had her share thanking God for no Quality rejection.
கட்டடத்தின் மேல்
ஒரு பஞ்சு
பொதி குவியல்
சிதறி பரவி இருக்கிறது!
என் வீட்டு
அடுப்பில் பொங்கிய
பாலின் நுரை
அவ்வளவு தூரம்
பறந்து சென்றது?
என் வீட்டு
இவ்வளவு வெண்ணெய்
வானம் சென்றது?
அமர்ந்த கண்ணனுக்காகவா
இது யாவும்??

Monday, August 28, 2017

Dead branch

At the roadside
Lay a dried  broken branch .
No leaves,
No flowers,
No buds,
No fruits .
Not a spark of life in any form.
It was lying there ready to be kicked
by the first foot that tipped on it.
No heart to kick it
I picked it up.
Held it close to my eyes
to see its naked beauty.
Didn't want to leave it alone.
I Brought it home ,
Cleaned the sand,
which had changed its color.
After the shower it looked
fresh to me .
Dried it in the hot sun
to bring back
the crispness of the twigs.
After a day or two
put in a brass vase
to give it a place in my house.
Had a few colorful birds
in my showcase,
that were looking for a place to perch.
Made them sit happily on the new home,
After which the dead branch looked beautiful.
So as the birds as if they started to breathe!
If a dead branch of a tree
can bring alive the showcase birds
How about the humans?
Yes, if they wish
they can live in parts
of many lives
even after they
stop to breathe...........