Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018!

The ball is dropped!
The countdown is done!
With open hands, mind and heart,
not aware of what's in hold,
millions of souls celebrate with hope
the birth of another year!
Some welcome it with a glass of wine!
Some with folded hands in front of God!
Some to sleep it off!
Some sit quietly waiting for the clock's hands
to clap and ring in the New Year's birth!
Some in front of the the television
waiting for the ball to be dropped!
Messages and phone calls
cross seven continents !
Wishing the dear ones
a Happy New Year!
No one to remember the bygone year,
which was a new year 365 days ago.
Same celebration and jubliance
did it experience on it's birth!
No one to stop and give a
respectful send off!
All that happened good or bad
has become a thing of past!
A past memory some of which
leaves a scar and some of which
blooms a flower in the heart!
The past year did gift me
With 365 days in my life!
The new year is here
to make me one more year older!
Resolutions of past
hidden under cover!
New resolutions waiting in line
to give some solution in the new year!
New Calendar, fresh and crisp,
hung on the wall
to experience life just for
three sixty five days!
New planner and diary
will be fat till the end of the year
if only well fed with memories!
Some feed it halfway through and
let it starve the rest of its life!
Every year does start with a "New Year"
but ends with "Last Year"!
Old is gold let's not forget
Let last year's golden memories
ever be an ornament in your heart!
Let every day of this year
be a new day
and every new day be filled with treasures!
Let's be blessed to be
more loving, lovable and
more humane and healthy!
Let each day unfold with
calmness and peace!
Let it not be just an day's celebration
May everyday be celebrated
with thankfulness and glee!
Wishing everyone a
Happy 2018!

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