Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pooh's Make Over!

Few years back my daughter was gifted a Pooh stuffed toy by a friend. It was always with her. It found a place in her bed too. Years passed . My daughter grew and left my nest. She left her Pooh to be my friend in her absence. I took care of him very well . Made the bed for him everyday . Not wanting to leave him alone in the room I made my son sleep with him. Most of the time I picked him from the floor since he was kicked out of bed in the middle of the night. He was such a cute bear that he didn't fight to get back to his place. He lay there in the cold floor throughout the night until next morning when I found him and put him back in his place. He was also getting old as years went by. His color was changing from bright yellow to a light dull color. It was two days back that I noticed that he had a tear in both his legs. With all the falls every night he had fractured his legs I guess.

First, I thought that it was time for him to leave the house. What do I do with this old bear? He looked dirty, dull and now he had fractured legs. But if my daughter asked what do I say? Can I say that I threw him because he got old and dirty?. No I can't do that. Why don't I give him a make over? I decided to mend his torn legs.I gave him a tight stitch.He didn't moan or cry. He could bear the pain. He looked perfect after the mending. Only his color was dull and the dirt was visible.

 I thought I would  give him a wash.The machine was filled with a load of clothes. He had to wait for his turn. He waited on the floor very quietly without running here and there. He was there with his towel, waiting to be washed.

Once the load of clothes were out he went in. He enjoyed his bath all alone inside the machine. He had a bubble bath.He rolled, tumbled upside down, peeped through the machine door with his nose pressed on the glass .... He had a ball inside the machine tub.

After a nice bath I took him out and dried him first with a towel.

Then under the fan,

Pooh felt very fresh and clean. His complexion got brighter and he looked even more beautiful than before. That evening he met his friend Roo and had a chitchat with him in our living room.

Wow! What a great evening for both of them. I felt very happy for giving him a makeover. Love you my Pooh! Makeovers are must for every one!

Be it our thoughts or our looks whenever they get dirty it is better we wash them off and give them a makeover.


karthikmusings said...

The article shows your kindheartedness. Nice writeup Geetha!

Anamika said...

Such a playful way to communicate a tough emotion. Great touch for all ages.