Saturday, April 2, 2016

All Fools' day

April 1st- brings back those nostalgic memories of school days -- ink splash on uniform, AF carved on potatoes to be used as stamps, silly pranks like , "yeh look there is a snake, there is a lizard" . Once you become a victim of a prank you are very sad, but very happy when someone is made a victim of your pranks. Gone are those days when we were not able to take sportively the thought of being fooled even for fun . As children we were very happy to play fool on others not knowing what thrown up then will come back later . Now as adults we are being fooled in so many ways and by so many people-- so called politicians, bureaucratic authorities,business men, religious gurus,educators,scientists, media, relatives, neighbours, friends, terrorists, doctors, engineers, name any profession , there are always the black sheep sitting there to fool us . No more do we get angry by being fooled. We have learnt to take it in our stride. Anywhere we turn we are being taught to have positive thinking and spread positive vibrations. So, we have become quite tolerant now, be it with religious gurus or terrorists. Yes April 1st is not the only Fool's day there are 364 days more to celebrate fool's day.....

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