Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guru Son

Guru Son!!
April 14th! Mom decided to take Rishi to the temple because it was Tamil New Year.
Mom: Rishi lets go to the temple .
Rishi: What is the occassion ma?
Mom: Today is Tamil New Year , auspicious day. You have started your 9th grade. You come to the temple and pray to God to guide you through these two years so that you can do well in your board exams
Rishi reluctantly accepted mom's suggestion. Both mom and son boarded a bus to go to the temple. As soon as they got into the bus Rishi was wired with his earphones.
Mom: Rishi , 24/7 you are with your earphones. Dont you feel like looking at the trees, houses outside ?
Rishi: I have seen this so many times ma. Nothing new.
Mom: Rishi you have to learn to enjoy the small things in nature.
Rishi: Who said I dont enjoy ? Its only that my way of enjoyment is different from that of yours.
Mom: If that is the case then atleast you should know how to share your emotions with others.
Rishi: Ma, I dont want to be an emotional fool like you with relations ma. I will become a business man and I can't be an emotional person while taking decisions.
This was lesson number one for mom. "Mom is an emotional fool"
The bus was going up the hill. It was a nice scenic road. Mom was enjoying looking outside. Travelling by an ac bus itself is a luxury and that too just with few people in the bus you feel even more awesome. Mom took that particular route just to enjoy the scenic view.
Rishi: How long will it take to reach the temple ma?
Mom: It will take another ten minutes .
Rishi: If we had taken the usual route dont you think we could have reached by now?
Mom: Yes Rishi. This takes just extra ten minutes thats all. I dont think it makes any difference. But look at the view. It is so beautiful.Look you can see the sea from here.
Rishi :Ma it is the same sea we see every week while crossing ECP. . I have so many things to do at home. Now since you have taken ten extra minutes of my time I want you to do like what I say.
Mom: What is it ?
Rishi:When we reach the temple you dont spend too much time like usual. Make sure YOU PRAY WITH PACE AND PRECISION. And also dont forget to be PRECISE in your prayers.
Mom: I pray for everyone Rishi . I cant be precise.
Rishi: Then just dont pray for everyone. Pray for yourself and come quickly.
Mom was like :"What?" What do you mean by precise in my prayers?
Rishi: Ya ma, just cut short your prayers and make it fast so that we can reach home fast.
Lesson number 2. Prayers should be precise.
Both of them got down from the bus in the bus interchange. while walking towards the temple out of the blue Rishi had a doubt .
Rishi: Ma what does generation gap mean? how many years of difference mean a generation?
Mom: Rishi we can say every ten years difference will mean a generation gap. There is a difference in the thinking, ideas, approach, everything.
Rishi: So you mean to say you are three generations behind me. No wonder now I understand why you say certain weird things now and then.
Even though mom is walking on the road she closes her eyes for a minute and takes a deep breath.
Lesson number 3.She is almost in stone age according to her son.
When they reached the temple they both did their prayers. Rishi finished his in a jiffy. Of course Mom listened to her Guruson. Unlike her usual temple visits she finished off her prayers in few minutes. They were about to leave the temple when Rishi came up again,
Rishi: Ma , you know what ? God answered my prayers immediately today.
Mom was surprised.
Mom: Rishi , how can God answer your prayers in few minutes. Your board exams are only two years from now?
Rishi: Maaaa, it is not about that. I have been wanting to reach a level in my game . I have been trying since so many months. Today I prayed to God that I should reach it soon like even before I left the temple. . Before you finished your prayers he answered my prayers . I already reached that level, I wished in the game.
Mom had absolutely no words to speak. She had brought him to the temple hoping he would pray for his studies. And throughout the time they were together all that was in his mind was how to reach the level he wished in the game.
Lesson number 4 was that she can never ever influence her Guru son.
They both walked towards the bus stop. There was a bus approaching the bus stop. Mom couldnt walk fast. They had to miss the bus. As an icing on the cake, Rishi said, "Mom I wish you were born ten years later. In that case you would have walked fast and we would not have missed the bus>"
Finally they got into another bus and headed towards home. Mom maintained silence throughout their way back home since she had lost her capability for the day to learn more lessons from her Guru Son. He was happy with his earphones glued to his ears. Next time mom will think not twice but ten times before she calls her son to accompany her to the temple....... Om Guru Saranam......

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