Saturday, April 23, 2016


Saturday evenings are the most boring evenings if you have to stay at home. Mom was very bored and asked Rishi to accompany her to the temple AGAIN.
Mom: Rishi , come let us both go to the temple .
Rishi: Mom this is too much. Already you took me twice to the temple last week. Now again you want me to come. Please ma. Leave me in the house. You can go and come.
Mom: I dont want to leave you alone in the house Rishi. You will end up sitting like a couch potato in front of the tv. Instead you come with me. It will be a change for you.
Rishi: NO ma. you can lock the house and go. I will be in the basket ball court . After you come you call me.
Mom: No Rishi you just come with me.
Rishi: Ma it is the same bus, same route, round and round and round to the same temple.
Mom: Ya add one more thing. same bus, same route, same temple accompanying the same Mom.
Rishi: Ma you are so weird. Ok I have no other choice I will come. But on one condition. This time I will use my stop watch. Ten minutes only for you to spend inside the temple. If you dont come after ten minutes, then I will leave you alone and go home . OK? Deal ??
Mom: I have a better deal Rishi. You come to the temple and on the way back I will get you a Subway sandwich. How is this deal?
Rishi: Ma this sounds a better deal. Sometimes even you think logically.
They both finished praying and after that Rishi asked: What is the special occasion ma. I see the temple decorated?
Mom: Ya yesterday was Thirukalyanam function.
Rishi: What is that?
Mom: That means Rama and Seetha's wedding took place yesterday.
There was a pause . Rishi opened his eyes wide with an open mouth. There was a big question mark inbetween his eyebrows. He was not convinced with the answer.
Rishi: What , I thought they were already married and were living in heavenly abode.
Mom: Yes they are already married but every year we do it to celebrate it like how we celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Rishi: But you told me they got married yesterday.
Mom, though visits the temple often is not very knowledgeable about these particulars. Most of her visits are with a big wish list. Still she had to give an answer to her Guru son.
Mom: Yes when they got married in heaven we people couldnt see it. thats why they get married on Earth every year so that we can be part of the ceremony.
Now Rishi had another doubt.
Rishi: Ma, then why dont human beings get married every year again and again.
Mom : Most of the human beings regret for having gotten married once , then why would they want to get married every year.
Rishi: Ya true, it is such a waste of money and time to get married.
Anyways I am not going to get married.
Thank God the bus came and saved mom from further question and answer sessions. Rishi was very happy because he got his subway sandwich . Yes it was a DONE DEAL!!!

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