Thursday, March 8, 2018

Woman's Day

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Woman's Day
When I see the wishes on this special day, I feel proud for a second to be born as a woman. All these wishes praise womanhood , their achievements, their sacrifices , their love, their motherhood, sisterhood, their perseverance, their mental strength, the goddess in them,their beauty! Yes women are worth all these praises. But not just these praises only on this special day. Is there a single day that passes without any physical, emotional, mental harassment of women? With your hands in your heart tell me is the disparity among men and women in all walks of life washed away? I know it will take not years but a century more for this to happen. But I wish it happens.I wish women are not just celebrated but let to live and move around freely in this society. Being a mother of a girl I always tend to be protective of my girl at every stage of her life.This is what the society has taught me to feel about the world I am born in. Be it a one year old baby or a sixty year old woman there is always a fear to walk alone without falling a prey in this world where a woman is seen as a product of beauty!
As long as women don't respect women we can't demand respect from the opposite sex. Freedom and liberation of women doesn't mean just dressing like how we want, pursuing a career of one's wish, getting married at a later age , using *** language in public, achieving in sports, etc etc. Freedom means coming out of shackles of backward thoughts, superstitions, thinking that outward beauty define's one's character and position, demeaning fellow women and ill treating fellow women..Liberate yourself from the thought of being judgmental and from being selfish. Lift up your fellow women and walk with them confidently . The lift can be a great emotional support when needed . It can be the moral support. It can be the confidence you build .It can be the positive vibes you create around you and them. Create happiness around you and walk hand in hand. Accept when the help arrives at your door . Be simple, plain, and open minded. Don't complicate relationships . Life is very beautiful if we all can feel the oneness among us. Enjoy womanhood each and every day! All I wish on this special day is a world where every woman can feel safe every second of their life!!

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