Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Into the Woods!

You and me in a rosy gown
with flower prints and lace stitched around,
walk into the woods swinging
a tightly weaved bamboo basket
with a half moon handle!

One hand holds the basket
the other hand holds you tight,
Not to get lost in the wild!
Dark green, light green, lemon green,
shades of green all around!

Pretty small scarlet flowers
peep from thick green bushes!
The breeze is filled with
the scent of wild roses and herbs!

Cute , furry little bunnies
with round,sparkling red eyes,
run here and there out of fear!
Birds of different colours
flap their wings to the music of the wind!

White spot deer hiding behind the bushes
 are ready to play hide and seek with us!
Walking through the woods,
we pick sweet and sour berries
to fill our bamboo baskets!

A clear silver stream makes it way in silence
so as not to wake up
the sleeping pebbles under it's bed!
You and me wet our feet
in the icy chill wild stream!

We hold some water cupping our palm
with most of it running between our fingers!
We wash our face and sip a little of the magical water
and feel fresh as the wild flowers
and happy as the butterflies!

We walk along the trodden path
still with hands held tight!
Neither do you know nor do I know,
What are we searching for?
Are we looking for the start of the stream?
Or for the one who painted the wild with green?
Or for the musician who plays through the wind?
Or are we looking for
the unknown joy of the untouched wilderness????

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