Friday, March 23, 2018

Wine glass with ABC Juice!

Wine glass with ABC Juice!

It was scorching sun and it was making my eyes burn. Wanted to make the much hated ABC juice for Rishi and me. After making it I wanted to take a picture so that I could post it on my Instagram and also wanted to send it to a few of my friends to make them feel motivated to make the same juice .

.The recipe was passed on by my friend Suganthi to me. She is a very good cook and my kids love her food. She said if you drink it you can feel rejuvenated and energetic and that your skin will shine. The first time I made this juice and poured it in a clear glass and gave Rishi, he was very excited to taste it. I didn't tell him what it was. He assumed that it was grape juice or that it must be pomogranate juice. The minute he put his lips on the glass and took a sip he closed his eyes and pulled his nose and cheek up. I was waiting there looking at his face for his reaction. He said"Maaaaa What kind of a juice is this?" I told him the fancy name "ABC Juice". He said "What the heck is ABC juice? It tastes horrible. I thought it was some grape juice." I said that it was very good for his health and that it had apple, beetroot and carrot in it.

Knowing the fact that he would drink anything to get rid of his pimples I told him that it would clear his face of the acne. None of my marketing techniques and health advice worked that day. Finally I took my wand of "I am the mom just listen to whatever I say and drink it." Yes! that worked. He drank it like some kind of poison with an extra effort of acting to puke. I didn't bother to any of his actions since all I wanted was to push it down his throat and I succeeded in it. After he finished he was about to put the glass in the sink with a big bang to show his frustration but I was quick enough to stop him from doing it. Still he kept the glass in the sink and pressed it hard. He asked me," Who was the one who taught you this juice mama?" Thinking that if I say Suganthi's name I will be saved ,I proudly said,"Sugan aunty Rishi. She gave me the recipe." He immediately reacted with a ."What ? I thought Sugan aunty always makes good stuff. When did she become like you?" This was the last feather added that day to my "Mean Mother Hat".

Today when I made this juice again he came from school and said,"Mama agaiiiin the same juice? Pls Iet me have plain ice water or make me plain lemonade." He knows that if mom has decided a menu for the day it will definetely be on the table. He had no other choice. I asked him whether he wanted it in a fancy glass or an eversilver tumbler. "Enough of a tumbler." That "enough " did imply many meanings. I gave him in a tumbler and poured the remaining in a wine glass . It looked like wine. Was excited to see the beautiful colour. I asked him to take a picture of me holding the cup. He totally refused to do that . I tried taking a selfie. It was horrible than the pictures that Rishi takes of me. So I decided to take a picture of just the glass.

First I held it in my hand and took a picture. I was not satisfied by the outcome. Next I tried holding it outside the window so that I could focus the pool, the sunlight , the sky all at the same time. That picture looked even more worse. Then I placed the glass on the metal hinges of the window . When I placed it my hands shook and my heart beat was hundred times more. It went dhak dhak dhak quite fast. I was sooo scared that it might fall down. What if it falls on someone's head? I live in the eighth floor . I looked down and made sure no one was down. Since it was mid day usually no body walks at that time of the day . But there was no guarantee that nobody will be walking for sure. After making sure that nobody was down I tried to place it safely on the hinges. I made sure that it stood there with full support and prayed that there shouldn't be any wind till I took the picture.  When I saw the glass through my phone's camera I got goosebumps on my hands Somehow with my shaking hands I captured the glass standing on the hinges . I could feel my heavy breath ! I clicked continuously a few times so that I have a few pictures to select from. After taking the shot I took the glass from the window with so much care and put it on a levelled surface.Checked whether the picture had come out as expected. Hurray !! I did it !!yes I had managed to capture the sky, the sunlight and the swimming pool at the background. Felt very proud of myself for having successfuly taken a picture without letting the wine glass with the ABC juice go dowwnnnn the air!

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kavitha dharmarasu said...

WoW! Such a nice story with a healthy tip.
Before reading the full story, when seeing the picture I thought that the juice was placed in a small blue plate on top of a glass table. Unimaginable angle...Good, keep it up.

Nice write up with real feelings.
Best Wishes...