Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mom and Rishi

Mom and Rishi
Valentine's day count down has started.
Mom : Rishi , what's your plan for Valentine's day?
Rishi: Nothing much mamma. As usual you will cook red food, make us wear red dress and I will eat the red food and go to sleep.
Mom: mmmmmm ok. How about your Valentine?
Rishi: I am sorry to disappoint you mamma but I dont have a Valentine yet.
Mom in a way felt happy. She thought this should be the answer for few more valentine's day.
Mom gets a phone call. It's her princess
Mom: Sruthi, what's your plan for Valentine's day?
Sruthi: Nothing mamma. I told my friends that you make some red food and we all wear red clothes.They said, it sounds weird but cute.
Now Mom has a doubt . Has she been celebrating Valentine's day all these years in a proper way or has she been celebrating some Kali or dracula festival???
Whatever it is still she will make everyone wear red dress tomorrow and she will definitely make some red food.
Happy Valentine's Day to all.

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