Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Longing for the rainbow...

Longing for the rainbow...
It was evening 5 pm. The rays of the sun was soothing and bright. Heard the musical notes of the rain drops and looked out of my window. The rain drops were dropping down through the sun's rays like fireflies on sky. Looked up at the sky. It was bright blue on one side and when I turned my head to the other side it was covered by dark clouds.
The child within me was searching and looking for something. The child whom I brought to this world asked,"mama what are you looking for?" The child in me answered,"I am searching for the rainbow in the sky." He sarcastically replied ,"The rainbow will come only after the rain stops mama." I was too curious and anxious to see the rainbow. Couldn't wait for the rain to stop. Wanted to see the rainbow right from the minute it would start colouring the sky. My heart longed to see the same rainbow which my mom had showed me when I was a child . Will it come again before my sight?Remember running from street to street looking at the rainbow. Where ever I went I could see the colorful painting on the sky. Was never sure whether I chased the rainbow or she chased me where ever I went. Even today I could feel the astonishment I felt those days when I saw the big colorful bow occupy the sky.
When I was a child most of my pictures had a house , a coconut tree nearby and a mountain crowned by a rainbow. Coloring the rainbow never ceased to amuse me. I just can't remember whatever was taught in Chemistry class about the formation of rainbow except for the word VIBGYOR. But I can remember even today the rainbow which my mom showed and the stories she told me about the rainbow .
Even now occasionally the rainbow comes and goes. But amongst these tall buildings I can never see both the ends of the rainbow.The beautiful rainbow appears fully only in movie songs or as screen savers. Even emojis have the cute rainbows.The attraction I had for rainbows made me dress up my little princess in rainbow color dress, rainbow hairbands, rainbow clips . Have gotten her rainbow lollipops and rainbow stickers too.She too was always excited just like me. Always wished her to have dreams filled with rainbows.I can see the colorful bow and I know I am the target but all I need to know is ,"where is the arrow and who is the archer?" I am waiting for the rainbow to be clad in her colorful clothes and come again every day when sun and rain meet! Will she come again to amuse me?

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