Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mom and Rishi

Mom and Rishi
Rishi was getting ready for his exams. He could smell pasta being cooked. He wanted to make sure that his sense of smell would not fool him. He enters the kitchen.
Mom: Rishi are you ready to leave?
Rishi: Yes ma. BTW what are you making?
Mom: I am making Pasta.
Rishi: Make sure you add extra cheese ok
Mom:I have added enough cheese Rishi.
Rishi: Whenever you say you have added enough cheese I always ask you to add "more cheese".
Mom: I have already dumped the whole cheese into it Rishi.
Rishi: Mama please add more cheese. Make sure you don't spoil the relationship between me and Pasta.
Mom: WHAAAAT????????
He could have told straight on her face that Pasta would not taste good without extra cheese. Or that her pasta tasted bad with less cheese. Mom never knew about the relationship between Rishi and Pasta. Two days back on Mother's day she shamelessly went around the house informing that it was mother's day. She went to the extent of asking him to surprise her to prove that the mother son relationship was too strong. That ship capsized instantly. But today the relationship between Rishi and Pasta was made strong by the binding cheese. mmmmmmmmm.

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