Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mom and Rishi

Mom was all excited about her betterhalf's birthday . She expected the same excitement in her son too. The reason being if it was his birthday Rishi would start the announcement three months ahead and list his wishlist items. Sometimes the next year birthday of his would be announced rather reminded on the the current year's birthday itself. Gen x ! Think ahead!!
Mom: Rishi , do you remember that tomorrow is Papa's birthday?
Rishi: Mamaaaa,(with a long stretch on aaaaa) how can I forget his birthday mama?
Mom was very happy that he remembered his dad's birthday without her reminding. She could have stopped with this happiness but the woman inquisitiveness in her made her throw the next question.
Mom: Rishi , how come you remembered Papa's birthday without me reminding?
Rishi: I remembered it mama, because it is my friend Aman's birthday today and obviously Papa's birthday would be the next day.
Mom : So as long as you remember Aman's birthday you would remember Papa's birthday.........
Rishi with a sly smile on his face : Maybeeee..... But anyways you will remind me right?
Mom didn't want to post anymore questions and get intimidated and get proved that she is the emotional idiot queen of the house.
Day of the birthday: Morning 7.45am. Rishi was getting ready for school.
Mom: Rishi, did you wish papa happy birthday?
Rishi: Oh no I forgot . Let me do it!
He went inside the room to wake up the birthday baby and wished his dad. Dad in his sleep reciprocated with the thank you not knowing that the prompt was there in the kitchen .
Mom had already sent a message to her daughter to remind about the birthday.The reply was "LOL! I do remember" . Mom didn't know whether to feel happy about her daughter's memory or not. She did'nt want to ask the daughter also the same question ,"How come you remember?" . ..... Once a day only she can voluntarily get her nose cut........

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