Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Target Dad

Target Dad
Friday evening! Dad had a long day in office. It was a labour day long week end so he decided to relax and watch a movie. He thought a glass of wine would be the best way to relax. He was in the kitchen getting ready for the show. Rishi came into the kitchen and witnessed the whole process of his dad religiously filling up his glass with care and patience.
Rishi: Papa why do you want to drink this?
Dad: Why Rishi ? What is your problem If I drink wine? I want to relax .and watch a movie.
Rishi: If you want to relax why dont you drink something good for your health Papa?
Dad: Wine is good for health Rishi.
Rishi: I dont think so Papa.
Dad: Why do you say so ? It is just grape juice.
Rishi: Ya Papa if grape juice is fresh it is good for health. But this is just ROTTEN GRAPE JUICE. How can this be good for your health.\
Dad: No Rishi this is well fermented and preserved.
Rishi: So do you mean to say even if it is rotten for years but well preserved you can drink it and it is good for your health?
Dad got offended. He wanted to give it back to Rishi with a firm voice.
Dad: It is much better than all the soft drinks you drink Rishi.
Rishi: Papa, at least pepsi and coke has date of expiry. This has only date of manufacture and no expiry date. You sound SO SO WEIRD PAPA...
Saying so he left the kitchen .He didnt wait for any further explanation. Happy that he had put across his point and hoped that hereafter there wont be any more lectures on how bad soft drinks are. Now he has his counter attack...Dad was already auto tuned to relaxing mode. So he didnt bother to continue the conversation.
Mom, who was witnessing the whole episode was very happy that the weekend was Target Dad week end .......Yes it does feel nice when you are at times out of focus ..... Enjoy Dad!!!
Lesson learnt: Target changes!!

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