Sunday, May 8, 2016


The guiding star in my life,
The evening star of my dreams!!
You named me even before I took shape!!
When you bore me inside
You ate for my hunger!!
After I was born ,
You starved because of the hungry ME!!

Will there be a compensation for
those countless sleepless nights you spent on me?
Though  I sleep on a bed of roses
Will I ever get back the peaceful sleep
When I slept in your water bed??
Thousands songs in my mobile
Nothing soothes my heart other than your sweet lullaby!!

Never were you given the chance
To deliver the artist in you nor the writer in you!!
Though not recognized for the human in you
never did you cease from loving anyone!!
For all those things you feared in life
You brought us up like fearless cubs!!
Mother of two princess but
have not till date heard your wish for a prince!!

You stand high in my thoughts and actions,
After I  took your role as a mom!!
Will my children ever think
They are gifted as I am
to be blessed with the best mom?

The me in you
and the you in me
will always be our everlasting blessing!
You will be my guardian angel not till we live in this earth
But for ever and ever and ever till this Universe exists!!!!

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