Friday, March 15, 2019

Rishi and Mom

Rishi and Mom
Rishi had to leave home very early today. Last night when he told this to mom , she made her meal plan and made the preparation half way. Next day she woke up early and made the breakfast and packed lunch for Rishi. Rishi got ready and came to the dining table to have his breakfast.
Rishi: Mama what's for breakfast?
Mom: Just wait for few minutes Rishi. I have made quiche and it is in the oven. will be ready in two minutes.
Whenever he had to leave early and when mom made idly or dosa and asked him to wait for few minutes he would say "it's ok I can get something in school canteen." Today he got fascinated by the name.
Rishi: Ok mama I can wait for it to cool.
Mom took the quiche out of the oven and with much difficulty transferred it to a plate, because it was still too hot and was about to crumble. She didnt have time to let it cool and then served. With much expectation Rishi tasted the quiche.
Rishi: Mama did you call this as the quiche?
Mom: Yes Rishi. How does it taste?
Rishi: Mama you could have just told me you were making egg omelette instead of giving it some fancy name.
Mom got very disappointed .
Mom: Rishi, this is how the recipe said it should be made.
Rishi: it tastes exactly like an omelette. Are you sure you followed the recipe correctly. I think it should have some pastry crust at the bottom as the base.
Mom: Ya may be I should have added a few bread pieces to it. I thought I would make the healthier version without the pastry base.
Rishi:..... Ma........ Ma why do you always try to add some healthy factor to the yummiest food. Next time either you make it the original way or just don 't make it . Please don't make it like this and make it sound very fanciful. A Quiche should be like a Quiche and taste like a Quiche and not like an Omelette.
With much disappointment Rishi left to school taking his lunch box which had another healthy version of Pasta. Mom is waiting for him to come and give her his life lesson about the pasta in the evening........

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