Monday, August 28, 2017

Dead branch

At the roadside
Lay a dried  broken branch .
No leaves,
No flowers,
No buds,
No fruits .
Not a spark of life in any form.
It was lying there ready to be kicked
by the first foot that tipped on it.
No heart to kick it
I picked it up.
Held it close to my eyes
to see its naked beauty.
Didn't want to leave it alone.
I Brought it home ,
Cleaned the sand,
which had changed its color.
After the shower it looked
fresh to me .
Dried it in the hot sun
to bring back
the crispness of the twigs.
After a day or two
put in a brass vase
to give it a place in my house.
Had a few colorful birds
in my showcase,
that were looking for a place to perch.
Made them sit happily on the new home,
After which the dead branch looked beautiful.
So as the birds as if they started to breathe!
If a dead branch of a tree
can bring alive the showcase birds
How about the humans?
Yes, if they wish
they can live in parts
of many lives
even after they
stop to breathe...........

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