Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rishi and Mom

Night before the Math exam!
Rishi: Ma , make sure you give me some brain food for my breakfast tomorrow.
Mom: Oh do you mean you want almonds?
Rishi: No ma. real brain food
Mom: What do you want Rishi? I thought I will make dosa for you for breakfast tomorrow.
Rishi: No ma not dosa.
Mom: Then tell me what you want.
Rishi: Make either waffle or pancake
Mom : You asked for brain food right. Who said waffle and pancakes are brain food. The maida in them only make your brain go blunt.
Rishi: MMMMMaaaaaaa not really. By brain food I mean food that makes me and my brain feel happy,So that I can do my exam well.
Mom: I have heard that lady's finger kind of veggies make you do better math.
Rishi: May be it works for some Ma. Not me. Just make pancake or waffle.
When Rishi decides it is an order for Mom. So the next day will definetely bloom with pancakes on the dining table for Rishi.

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