Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nature's gift

My dear friend,
Yes ! I did see the showers
that wet your garden!
I could smell and feel
the essence of rain
pass through my nostrils
and fill my air bags!
Longing to hold it
for ever and ever
half heartedly
I am letting it escape !
The wetness of the grass
soothes and tickles
my feet!
The sight of the two elephant dolls
drenched and dancing in the rain
captures my eyes and heart!
Makes me feel a child again
to get wet with them and dance in the rain!
How can I close my lids
from the sight of those
lovely water laden petals
of the white flowers
hanging their heads
as if to lick the water drops
dripping from their face!
The lonely swing
swinging all alone
in the breeze
calls me loud to swing with her!
My heart slips at the
The shiny red floor
that reflects the sky
and who ever passes by!
For a short span of time
Did I travel heart and soul
to your abode to
live the life of
nature's gift!!!!

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