Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Woman's day

Woman's day
Is it just a day's event?
No , not for me!
In this world
she strives everyday 
to get a day
to celebrate as her own!
Wishes , poems, songs
bouquets passed from
person to person
to acknowledge this day,
and praise womanhood!
The only day
the whole world crows that
Women are to be treated
with care, love and respect
from womb to grave!
She is not a commodity
to be bought or sold!
Nor a pet to be trained
as you wish!
Not a vent for your lust, power or anger
Neither is she a breathless, heartless, mindless
bundle of X chromosomes!
She is an entity by herself,
and holds entitlement of herself
both physical and mental!
Celebrate her not like a goddess
treat her not like an angel!
Just let her live like a human!
Let her think on her own,
Let her speak what she thinks!
All she wants is a world
to walk around sans fear !
Will her dream come true
though not now
but sometime soon!!

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